Homemade Ajvar


  • Informacii za Jomi Food

    The idea for starting a factory for high-quality processed food started in 2006, which lead to its opening in 2007.

    This is a fully privatized company, with a mission of creating high-quality and 100% biological products.

    The main product is the home made “Ajvar” made from an old Macedonian traditional recipe, with the 1st class pepper called “Kurtovska kapija”.

    From 2009 we protected our brand “Macedonian homemade ajvar” with the Lisbon Agreement – The International System of Appellations of Origin, in other words The Lisbon System – International protection for identifiers of typical products from a defined geographical area.

    All our products are 100% biologic, processed without any adding of additives.



  • Jomi Food - Proizvodi

    - Macedonian homemade ajvar
    - Macedonian homemade lutenica
    - Cabbage leafs in acid
    - Macedonian malidzano

    Food supplement:

    - Grape malt syrup – Madzun

    Madzun is a natural sweetener with high nutritional value made from grapes that come from the best Macedonian grape varieties. It contains grapes and fruit sugar, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 and C), minerals (K, Na, Ca, P, Fe), tannins, flavonoids and organic acids.

    Madzun, also known as grape malt, is a specialty well-known to our ancestors for its original taste and aroma and the beneficial effects it has on the human health. Madzun is produced by boiling the grape juice strained off minced grapes. The grape juice is said to be as nutritious as breast milk. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, energy substances, tannins and flavonoids. Because of that, Madzun is a treasure of nutrients that will help you restore and maintain your health.

    You can immediately add Madzun to the daily diet, mainly for sweetening drinks, tea, milk, cereal meals, muesli or as a topping on cakes and cookies. Teach your loved ones healthy eating habits by replacing white sugar with Madzun. Not only does it improve the taste of what you consume, but it will also make a real step towards improving your health and psycho-physical condition.

    It is recommended for strengthening the immune system in children, convalescents, adults and athletes. Madzun is a 100% natural product with no added sugar, additives or preservatives.


    Consume one tablespoon dissolved in water, tea or milk once to twice a day.

    " Frutello ":

    - Wild green fig preserve
    - Wild blackberry preserve
    - Aronia preserve
    - Cherry preserve
    - Raspberry preserve
    - Orange preserve
    - Strawberry preserve